The World of Pokémon Go

6th July 2016, the whole world saw the rise of one of the greatest virtual games ever made. Pokémon Go is what they call it and within the first few months of its initial release, it is running wild in the domain of games played on smartphones and tablets.

If you are interested, you will just have to have a new age telecommunication device and which should be equipped with a fast internet service. The game requires GPS service to function.

How does this work?

Initially, you will need to download the game to your smartphone or tablet from the play store and create an account. There you will find levels and in each level, you will have to go and catch a particular virtual creature.

To capture the animals, you will have to leave your domestic frontier and travel in the outside world. You will never know that when and where you will find the virtual beast.

Pokémon Go

There have been records that individuals have walked down miles just to find a particular fictional animal. The entertainment level is high as people playing it have a real life feeling. They feel that they are in a reality hunt, and they must get hold of their target before other competitors do. Take part in the quest.

Few words about the developer

Pokémon Go hack was developed by none other than Niantic and was targeted towards Android and iOS users. The developer has designed the game in such a manner that it can be played in both single-player and multi-player format.

This augmented reality game has indeed done a havoc in this segment and as a fact on a daily basis more and more people are downloading it. One should download it and check out its whereabouts to know what the fuss all about is. Check it out with immediate effect.

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Boom Beach Cheats

Free Online Boom Beach Cheats Tool

Boom Beach is an interesting game but most players have the problem of gems getting depleted as you play such that you are unable to finish the game unless you buy gems. The developers of the game tell you that the game is free but in the course of playing, the game becomes harder and harder until you cannot advance until you purchase resources such as diamonds that allow you to proceed. Fortunately, it is possible to acquire gems for free by use of Boom Beach cheats.

Boom Beach Cheats

Boom-Beach-Hack is a free feather weight program that allows you to add more resources to your game without spending money. You can add as many gems as you want until you are able to finish the game, all for free. The program is regularly maintained and it is updated every two weeks to ensure that it runs smoothly. It will never be bundled with viruses, malware or any other unwanted programs. Therefore, your Boom Beach account and your mobile devices are safe.

How to Use the Boom Beach Cheats?

It is easy to set up Boom Beach cheats. Once you download the program, there are easy and precise instructions to follow on how to install it. After installing, you will be prompted to enter your email address. You won’t be asked yo provide a password. Then you will be asked to give the number of gems you wish to generate, and how often, and you are done! When you start Boom Beach cheats, you will be surprised at how your gems will be regenerated automatically.

Boom Beach cheats sets the players of Boom Beach free to play the game without been forced to pay anything. The developers of such games trick you that the game is freeonly to realise later that there are inevitable charges that you have to incur. Thanks to Boom Beach cheats, you can play the game for free now.

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Hay Day – A Detailed Review

A Detailed Hay Day Review

Hay Day is one of the most interesting games you can play in the modern days. If you are new to this game or would like to learn more about this game, here is a detailed Hay Day review. Also make sure to pay a visit and use their free Hay Day cheats if you’d like to save some bucks!

Hay Day

Simple Backstory

When you play the game, you will be left with a large farm to tend to. You are supposed to raise animals such as cows, chickens and sheep. In addition, you have the opportunity to grow and harvest crops such as corn and wheat. You will also have to juggle to a lot of tasks that goes into maintaining a grade a ranch.

You have to make sure that your clitters are fed and your silo must be painted. There are times when visitors from one town or other farms swing by, providing you tasks or money for your items such as bread or eggs.

Strength in Graphics

One of the great strengths of this game is its graphics. The graphics are detailed and beautiful, thus making you totally engaged and interested as you play. The presentation of the game is cinematic for any kind of mobile game.

With such graphics, it is possible for a new player to start playing it without a lot of problems. This is one of the things that make this games unique compared to others.

It’s Controls

The controls are non intrusive, smooth and make use of iPhones touch screen. For instance, you can tap a plot of land then move your fingers across field as you gather the grown crops.

The good thing is that you use similar gestural controls to collect products you can sell from your animals such as milk or wool. You also have the opportunity to visit farms through facebook.

The replay value comes in terms of great achievements. You only need to click on your house to see all the achievements you have made. When the product collection goes, you have to wait in real time before your products can be gathered and sold. It might take a period of time for the wheat or other products to grow.

In addition, it may also take time before your cows produce milk. You have the opportunity to enhance the entire process by use of diamonds, which are limited, but you can get more in the entire game.

There is nothing you can complain about the game because, everything you are required to do is simple and familiar. Hay Day does not introduce anything unique that makes you stressed as you play.

The game tutorial is also simple to understand and even new players have the ability to learn fast. You will be instructed on what to do if you are new to this game.

Hay Day Bottom Line

In overall this game great treasure and the good thing is that you can get the App store free of any charges. If you are the kind of player who enjoys playing simulation games, this is a visually pleasing game and will keep you engaged.

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Clash of Clans – Strategy Game Review

When you compare Clash of Clans to other popular freemium games, you are bound to notice that the major difference is the fact that Clash of Clans does not apply tiered energy limitations commonly used in other freemium games.

Clash of Clans

Even so, your advancement mostly depends on elixir and gold stores you accumulate through the mines you plant in the entire encampments. This is a welcome effect as it rewards dedication and effort instead of slamming the door on your face as soon as the game starts getting interesting.

Purchase Clash of Clans Gold and Elixir Currency

The system has a similar effect as the energy bar and this is probably a downside for some people. For instance, if you progress far into the game, quests will require huge amounts of elixir and gold which often take many days to accumulate. A great way to get a huge number of resources fast is to use a free Clash of Clans hack to get coc gems. biedt gratis Clash of Clans cheats aan. The whole idea is to make users break down as this the user to purchase premium currency in an effort to make the process quicker especially when you have exhausted the free stash provided at the beginning. Nevertheless, the modified design makes you remember that you are stuck temporarily with an energy bar.

Clash of Clans Strategy Maps

Luckily, this does not imply that you will be stuck in the game waiting to receive quests. You have the option of going out to attack the CoC NPC goblins using single player maps. Furthermore, you can also battle numerous other players as well.

This is a welcome compromise that allows new or inexperienced players to play and practice on easier challenges. Furthermore, it also gives new players the opportunity to play against hardcore players as a way of testing their abilities with seasoned players.

To deploy Clash of Clans hack sur troops, you are simply required to tap on different spots on the screen. This will effectively complete the rest of the hard work for you. However, some form of strategy is necessary when it comes to placement.

Fun And Entertaining

Hack Clash of Clans gems is mostly a fun game to play although this is hampered in some way because you cannot view the whole battlefield. You can only do so once you have deployed your troops.

Also, you will end up losing all members of your troops regardless of whether you lose or win. Generally, this is an interesting game that you can easily play online and it guarantees an enjoyable experience for the avid gamers.

Unlike other popular free games similar to Clash of Clans, Clash of Clans is rather simple. Even so, this can be viewed more as a strength and not a weakness. The fact that it is simple means you can play a quick and effortless matches on your iPhone especially when you are just passing time. Moreover, there are different units from which you can choose when in battle mode.

As a result, playing against other opponents will prove to be endlessly rewarding. The game also gets an edge over other similar games since it presents players with the option of fighting NPC goblins. Other strategy games that are similar to Clash of Clans rely on player vs. player combat.

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